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 #98313  door Dforce.be
 16 mar 2016, 16:18
Met trots melden wij dat we vanaf heden deel uitmaken van de officiële Carpro Immortal Centers.

Wat is Carpro Immortal?
Immortal is de recentste ontwikkeling in Automotive Paint Protection,
het is een "Self-Healing" Clearcoat, dus geen crystal coating maar een effectieve vernislaag,
welke door middel van een specifieke spraytechniek moet aangebracht worden.

Krassen behoren dankzij Immortal voorgoed tot het verleden!

Bekijk hier onze 50/50 Scratch test!


Informatie van de Carpro Immortal Website:
In an imperfect world, humanity’s desire for beauty and perfection remains Immortal; a desire which we at CarPro understand all too well. CarPro Immortal Self-Healing vehicle clearcoat gives wings to the dreams of many car, truck, and motorcycle owners by making low maintenance and lasting beauty a reality in the harsh world of today. Its ground-breaking self-healing performance allows swirls, scratches, and stone-chips to melt away before your very eyes, making these investment-harming defects a thing of the past, and allowing your vehicle’s factory-fresh gloss and beauty to become Immortal. Welcome to the future of Active Vehicle Protection…

Molecular Memory – Self-Healing in Action
Molecular Memory is what allows self-healing polymer coatings like Immortal to repair themselves in the event of damage. The polymers in Immortal are held together in a cross-linked, lattice like structure at the molecular level, making them very strong and resistant to degradation. After application, the coating is cured to permanently ‘set’ its molecular structure in this pattern.

When damaged, the bonds of the polymers are broken, and the molecular structure deforms. However, due to the unique reactive resins used in the Immortal coating, these special polymers will always attempt to re-link and re-structure themselves to return to their original, unblemished state. Immortal’s self-healing capability functions in temperatures as low as 0°-Celsius (32°-Fahrenheit), and at room temperature of 20°-Celsius (68°-Fahrenheit) scratches in the surface disappear almost instantaneously; a true industry first! This ability to ‘remember’ its original molecular structure and rapidly return to it allows the coating to maintain its freshly-applied beauty for years, and years to come.

Application – Immortal Industry
Immortal is a self-healing clearcoat, which gets applied in a traditional air-spray procedure as a final protective layer over a vehicle’s existing 3-stage urethane paint system. Immortal has been carefully engineered to fit in seamlessly into the existing production processes of automotive aftermarket refinish, and OEM vehicle manufacturing. The coating complies with the latest environmental standards, equipment requirements, and high-efficiency production throughput of these industries.

Users of existing urethane paint systems will immediately feel familiar working with the Immortal Self-Healing vehicle clearcoat system; no additional equipment or training is necessary, and the coating integrates easily into a normal paint production line.


Durability – Immortality for Life
None of this would matter if Immortal didn’t have the ability to continue providing protection to your vehicle for many years to come… As well as its amazing self-healing and hydrophobic properties, Immortal also offers world-class resistance to organic acids, caustic chemicals, harsh solvents, industrial fallout, UV-fading, and yellowing from environmental exposure.

Immortal has been tested under the most extreme conditions that we could find, and in all of our trials has yet to show the slightest signs of degradation. Immortality means nothing if it isn’t for life.


About CarPro

Innovators in Vehicle Protection
Since 2009, CarPro have been innovators in the field of nanotechnology, producing cutting-edge protective ceramic coatings and advanced care solutions for both automotive OEM and aftermarket detailing industries. Creators of Iron-X Iron Fallout Remover technology, CQuartz Finest premier nanotechnology coatings, and many more of the field’s hottest products, CarPro is synonymous with protecting and maintaining the beauty of your automotive investment.

With a history of quality, customer satisfaction, and trendsetting in the field of automotive aftercare, we look to the future with even more advanced solutions to complete vehicle protection. In early 2014 we embarked upon a project internally codenamed ‘SR200CC’, which represented a massive leap forward in Active Vehicle Protection (AVP) technology, and would later become Immortal. It has been a long journey, with rigorous testing and exhaustive development, but at long last we can release Immortal to the world. Today, in 2015, we revolutionize what it means to care for and maintain an automobile with Immortal Self-Healing Vehicle Clearcoat.

A new day dawns for CarPro, and a new day for vehicle ownership as you know it. The future is bright, the future is CarPro – Innovators in Vehicle Protection.
 #98315  door vital
 17 mar 2016, 09:44
Wat zijn de prijzen voor zulke behandeling? Of toch een richtprijs voor een Evora!
 #98317  door Dforce.be
 17 mar 2016, 11:11
vital schreef:Wat zijn de prijzen voor zulke behandeling? Of toch een richtprijs voor een Evora!
De prijzen zijn gelijklopend als een steenslag folie,
rekening houdende dat plaatsen met eventuele steenslag eerst herlakt worden
alvorens deze vernislaag aangebracht worden.

Een volledige wagen behandelen met dit systeem zal mogelijk zijn vanaf € 4000,
maar dit kan variëren volgens de aard van de wagen ;)