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 #97617  door Dforce.be
 25 nov 2015, 11:03
Het Carchimp gamma wordt uitgebreid en de eerste producten vinden stilaan hun weg tot onze shop!

Deze week hebben we reeds enkele accessoires in ontvangst mogen nemen!

* Tire Dressing applicator - € 5.50
DSC03211.jpg (431.07KiB)12694 keer bekeken
http://dforce.be/webshop/product.php?ca ... =39&id=395

* Detail Brush - € 6.50
DSC03215.jpg (487.48KiB)12694 keer bekeken
http://dforce.be/webshop/product.php?ca ... =42&id=396

* Large Drying Towel - € 19
dryingtowel.jpg (233.14KiB)12694 keer bekeken
http://dforce.be/webshop/product.php?ca ... =35&id=397

* Yellow Clay Bar - € 17
DSC03214.jpg (235.74KiB)12694 keer bekeken
http://dforce.be/webshop/product.php?ca ... =27&id=398
 #97686  door Dforce.be
 18 dec 2015, 19:22
En ook de producten vinden stilaan hun weg tot onze shop!

Carchimp Shampoo


Carchimp Shampoo is a ph-neutral and wax-safe cleaning solution,
our shampoo is super concentrated and only needs 5ml per 10l water!

Carchimp Snow Foam


Foam Fun! Carchimp Snow foam contains super foaming agents,
which makes it possible to stick to the surface for a long period of time
so it has the time to loosen dirt and grime for safer washing.
Carchimp Snow Foam is Ph-neutral and wax-safe.

Carchimp Clay Luber


Carchimp Clay Luber has been designed to minimize the risk of
marring and scratching during the claying process.
Clay Luber contains super gliding contents which makes it possible
to safely remove contaminations from the surface.

Carchimp Spray Wax


Carchimp Quick Wax is an easy to use carnauba based spray wax
leaving a warm and slick wet finishsuitable for all paint types and colors.

Carchimp Wheel Cleaner


Carchimp Wheel Cleaner is safe to use on all kind of wheel surfaces and finishes.
Strong formula to which will help to remove dirt and brake dust.

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