Do you speak english, then use this subforum.
Parlez Français, employez ce subforum.
 #95823  door danytheghost
 10 mei 2015, 10:47
Just a short Hello to everybody.
 #95824  door HJ2
 10 mei 2015, 10:58
Oh my... that WAS short indeed! :shock:
 #95827  door Coen
 10 mei 2015, 17:24
Let me introduce you then... I think your name is Daniele (lastname starts with a T), you live in Köln, your S1 Elise is yellow and you were born in Turin, Italy. I found some more information here at Interpol but not sure if I can post it here :mrgreen:

Welcome here!
 #95834  door XLR8R
 11 mei 2015, 12:55
 #95846  door X-ian
 11 mei 2015, 19:52