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oa. Lotus Eclat, Elite, Excel, Carlton & nieuwe ontwikkelingen/prototypes alsook modellen uit een samenwerkingen met andere automerk.
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 11 jul 2017, 20:53
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Lotus Car Factory in the fifty's
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 12 mar 2018, 20:18
How to slide a Lotus 15 over a soaking Spa ....
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De meeste Eleven's gaan deze dagen zo'n 90-130 k€, afhankelijk van staat en palmares, maar deze auto heeft een veiling estimate van 245-270 K€ .... Benieuwd of hij daaraan ook verkocht wordt .....

https://www.classicdriver.com/en/car/lo ... 956/525647

• 1956 Lotus Eleven - chassis number 265 - Engine number 40086874
• Rare original Le Mans model.
• Rare FWB Coventry Climax 1.460 cc engine.
• Historic Lotus Register certified.
• Competition history in Venezuela from 1957 to 1966.
• Matching original engine.
• For thirty years in the same collection.
• An over twenty-year career in re-enacting competitions with the same famous owner-driver.
• Restored and maintained in perfect efficiency. There were many fabulous cars imported into Venezuela in the 50s and early 60s and then exported again to return to Europe or go to the United States. The Lotus Eleven Le Mans FWB, Chassis n. 265 was brought into he country by Mauricio Marcotulli in early 1957. With the Le Mans setup, the Coventry-Climax FWB 1.460 cc engine and the MG derivation gearbox, the car had the highest specifications. The first news of its participation in competitions is in the "Seis Horas de Venezuela" organized by the Aragua Automobile Club on February 24, 1957, on the El Lim√≤n Circuit, near the city of Maracay: 4.5km repeated endlessly! Perhaps it was the first "endurance" race disputed in Venezuela. The race was won by Lino Fayen. 18 were the cars registered, with 36 drivers (two per car). Second in order of departure, the Lotus Eleven chassis 265, with Mauricio Marcotulli and Luigi Monteverdi driving. The chronicle of the time reported that Lotus had to withdraw, however, due to problems in the cooling system.On 17 March 1957 the Carrera San Crist√≤bal-Caracas was disputed. It was reserved only for cars of "Mec√†nica Nacional" therefore, presumably, only for cars registered in Venezuela. The registered participants were fifty. The Lotus and Marcotulli, with No. 17, were among the favorites, but we do not have the results. The last race of which we have known and clear evidence for our car is the Gran Premio Ciudad de Caracas, played on the circuit of Los Proceres, Sunday, March 27, 1966. 64 were the cars at the start, with Venezuelan and foreign participants. The Lotus Eleven Chassis No. 265 was now owned by Janis Kleinbergs who drove it into the race. Janis Kleinbergs was editor of a car magazine in the 70s and 80s and was quoted by the magazine "Fuerza Libre" in the 70s, for having yielded the Lotus Eleven to the Venezuelan Transport Museum. In fact there are& nbsp; images that portray the Lotus at the Museum, but it is probable that the car was exclusively "lent" to be exhibited. Kleinbergs in fact, later sold the car to Antonio Yanez, car that finally passed to Alfredo Bruck. At this point the Lotus, after a long period of inactivity, was preparing to return to Europe, perhaps through the well-known Alvin Acevedo.The car went at an Italian dealer and was purchased in 1988 by the current owner, the enthusiast and gentleman driver Flaminio Valseriati. The Lotus Eleven Le Mans FWB No. 265, with completely original engine and body, it was submitted to a complete conservative restoration and began with Valseriati a second bright career in the world of historical re-enactments, which lasted about twenty years and leading to win numerous trophies.
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 18 jun 2018, 14:40
Net iets leuks gelezen op Facebook over de Eleven en Le Mans:

24h van Le Mans 1957
Zaterdag op het einde van de middag, de Lotus XI climax van Héchard / Masson valt droog aan het einde van Hunaudiére, op ongeveer 7 km van de pits.
Zonder externe hulp is de race voorbij en toch....

Roger Masson, de piloot, probeert alles om zijn auto naar de stand te brengen.
Hij doet z'n helm en hemd af en duwt !

De Lotus XI is licht, maar Masson is dapper.
De warmte en de auto's die hem op elk moment kunnen raken, maar hij geeft niet af.
90 minuten later haalt hij de Lotus n°41 terug naar zijn stand.

De lotus kan terug vertrekken met de kostbare vloeistof aan boord.
De Lotus N° 41 zal als 16de eindigen van de 20 deelnemers die zullen eindigen in deze 24h van Le Mans.

Dit uiterst gevaarlijke manoeuvre wordt vervolgens verboden.

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 18 jun 2018, 20:38
Nice story!

Dat is net wat einde de jaren 50 en de jaren 60 zo boeiend maakt.
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 03 nov 2018, 10:01
Specialleke voor @FastEleven
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