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oa. Lotus Eclat, Elite, Excel, Carlton & nieuwe ontwikkelingen/prototypes alsook modellen uit een samenwerkingen met andere automerk.
 #87922  door XLR8R
 20 feb 2014, 20:10
Bron : http://www.topgear.com/uk/car-news/lotu ... 2013-02-20

Good news for the leather romper suit community: Lotus has just released a fresh batch of images of the C-01, the company's first ever motorbike. And doesn't it look astonishing?

And before you file this under ‘Pipedream Render That'll Never Ever Happen', hold on. Because the C-01 is real. And will be built.

Kodewa - the outfit that builds Lotus's Le Mans racer and is in charge of this two-wheeled project - has confirmed that a prototype is road registered and unleashing 200bhp on the streets as we speak.

The C-01 is a design from the pen of VW Group designer Daniel Simon (the genius futurist behind a lot of the Bugatti Veyron and these amazing creations) and made with bits from the Holzer Group, which specialises in making things to go inter outer space.

The C-01's raked-out front forks, long-wheel-base design and wider rubber at the back give it the look of a drag bike. It's also wrapped in a John Player Special carbon livery, which instantly makes anything cool. Not a fan? Don't worry, a range of other legendary liveries that pay homage to Lotus's heritage are also available.

Hanging between the two wheels is a 4-stroke engine, 200bhp V-Twin. That's as much power a Renaultsport Clio, in something that weighs only 181 kg. No performance figures yet, but we're guessing that you'll have to hold on tight.

This isn't the first time a manufacturer of lightweight cars has gone two-wheeled: Caterham recently announced that it wanted to leather up and get its knee down. But Lotus's bike isn't actually built by the guys in Norfolk that'll knock you together an Exige S: instead, like the Lotus F1 team, the C-01 is produced under licence. Does this put us off? Not at all. Just look at it!

Unfortunately we don't know exactly how much this two-wheeler will cost. What we do know is that only 100 units will be made - so if you do want one, you'll have register your interest sharpish.

But the C-01 raises an important question. What other car manufacturer would you like to see having a crack at the two-wheeled world? Let us know below.
 #87927  door vital
 21 feb 2014, 08:45
Ik ben geen biker-man, maar deze is echt gaaf.
 #87943  door Coen
 21 feb 2014, 14:46
vital schreef:Ik ben geen biker-man, maar deze is echt gaaf.
X2, ik vind 'm ook gaaf!
 #87977  door HJ2
 24 feb 2014, 22:07
 #88006  door ovi
 27 feb 2014, 18:00
Lelijk ding! :?
Weer echt iets voor de bimbo's ! :lol:
 #88010  door Erwin
 27 feb 2014, 19:54
Kan er aub iemand de foto van de moto's photoshoppen?

Graag het volgende:
- in de gele kleur
- een grave chick erbij met liefst een kort rokje en lang borsten (of waren het benen?)

Als iemand dit zou kunnen, gaat onze Ivo dat ook ineens ne grave moto vinden voor stoere mannen met baard en sigaar :lol:
 #88022  door ovi
 01 mar 2014, 12:49
Ja, zet er een griet naast in een kort rokje met lekkere benen dan is er nog iets schoon om naar te kijken! :D
Nee Erwin! Zelfs int geel blijft het nog steeds een lelijk ding! :roll:
Vraag me trouwens af of je er zowieze wel een bocht mee kan pakken of dat het enkel is om den "Edde mai gezien" mee uit te hangen! :mrgreen:
 #88026  door Coen
 02 mar 2014, 10:57
De prijs is alleen een beetje erg hoog... Ik meen te hebben gelezen dat je 100.000 euro mag af gaan tikken.

200pk op een 180 kilo motorfiets is natuurlijk wel weer leuk :)