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Ook Opel Speedster, Vauxhall VX220 & Tesla Roadster
 #102975  door danyblackmagic
 12 apr 2018, 14:11
ok, ben even naar de auto controle geweest daschbord vervangen is geen probleem zelfs een ander model plaatsen zo de garw.
Andere kilometerstand is ook geen probleem.Dit komt enkel op de carpas.
Maar best een conformiteit attest van Lotus dealer.
 #102980  door Jan Bakker
 15 apr 2018, 22:32
dat is dus gelukkig geen probleem, onderstaande wel een beetje, duurt nou wel heel erg lang

Dear Customer

We are experiencing further delays in the production of your Garw IC7/IC8 Instrument cluster
We understand his will not be welcoming news given the new season is upon us .
The latest version of the Instrument cluster range has received numerous updates and improvements,
and as a result the new components have delayed manufacture with sample,revise, new sample iterations taking longer

than expected to achieve the required quality.

After revaluating the current production situation your delivery is scheduled for dispatch on 14/5/2018

If you have any queries please reply to this email

Here is a short list of the additional features added to this version of the GarwIC7 and GarwIC8

1. Clear front cover to protect screen and improve protection against rain
2. 3 x additional analogue inputs for voltage 0-5V sensors (boost, wide band lambda)
3. Additional USB connection bringing the total to 3
4. New enclosure design
5. Higher contrast LCD screen for improved graphic clarity

Should you wish to reconsider your purchase any refund request will be processed without question .

Thank you