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 #102955  door Mipi
 03 apr 2018, 18:15
I’ve got a power switch on my Lotus Elise, so to save battery power I cut the power off about 8 days ago. When I wanted to open the car yesterday the lock did no longer open mechanically (using key & lock). It is now impossible for me to get into my car to reconnect the power and/or to start it. :(
I assume it must be a mecanical problem on the lock, but how do I solve it? :idea:
Thank you for your help.
 #102974  door Erwin
 12 apr 2018, 10:28
Do you have electricity on the car?

Otherwise, when you open your service panel at the front, you can connect a batterycharger and see whether it helps to open the door with the remote control.

On the S3, it isn't possible anymore to open the door by key. It works only when you didn't lock with the central locking but by key. So, once locked with central locking, you need to unlock with central locking.

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